Live the life you want…

Life is difficult and is never meant to be lived easily. People who seek an easy life either end up broke or homeless or sometimes committing suicide. Some people confuse the the easy life with simple life. That is, a simple life can be hard yet the people who live it are utilizing the best resources that they have yet they never bother to complicate their life by trying harder to diversify their resources. This kind of people compare what they have and what will they have if they tried harder. They see that the outcome is just to be happy and comfortable, therefore, they decide not to bother and prolong any suffering and miss out that they already living the good life. In other words, the simple life is hard and people who live it can be happy and lasts for long. Yet the easy life can be an amazing life for a brief period of time and then leads to misery.
If there are no challenging events in your life, then rest assured that you will never progress in your life. Don’t be fooled by the comfort zone and live your whole life in the same state. Be strong and have faith in your self that you can indeed be the best person, you can conquer all your fears and never be afraid to make mistakes, for that you’ll be wiser and stronger by learning from your mistake and other’s too.
No matter how many obstacles are thrown in your way, how many people break you down, always stand tall and be your self. Live the life you want it and not the life you are expected to live.