Life Goes on…

I know I’ve been away from writing for a while now. If I did find some spare time, I used to choose to relax or sleep in it due to how busy my life has been for the past year. I’ve learned so much during this past year. The most important lesson is that no matter how hard you work, life will always surprise you and throw even harder obstacles at you. The secret is to keep on going. No matter how frustrated you are, no matter how lonely you feel during this journey, You should always keep that little spark lit in your heart. Because even if life problems and obstacles drain your fuel, your dedication will force life to supply you with more fuel. Always keep in mind that rest only comes after hard work. If you want to live the good life, you have to hustle hard. There is no joy in it, maybe some can find joy, but the reward at the end is truly worth it.

I’ll try to dedicate some time to write some technical essays since I’ve been engaged in managerial roles lately that I started to forget some of the technical stuff that I’ve learned. The wheel of knowledge never waits on anybody and hence, I should start catching up with where the world is currently standing.