Anger Management…




Being angry is a type of reaction a human being would show to express his psychological discomfort by being hostile and aggressive. It is a totally normal reaction and would only reflect that you are a human being. However, some people take it to a whole different level when they start harming people either physically or emotionally and sometimes, even murder. Well, let us hope that none of us would reach that extreme. Anyways, ever since I was growing up, my family always tells me that I have anger issues and that I am aggressive when I get upset. At first, I thought this was a plus as people started to fear me and try their best not to annoy me. However, with time passing, you will realize that being angry or on the edge all the time will cause people around you to hate you and avoid you bit by bit every day until you end up with no social life. In addition, without you knowing, the anger will take control over your life and affect any social relation or interaction you make in a negative way that will eventually make your life miserable.

 If you don’t admit that this anger problem is an issue, it will grow even bigger and bigger. You can relate it to being similar to cancer, it keeps growing and spreading notoriously until it takes over your life, your relationships, your work, and eventually destroy your life.

Anger is never a good a solution in any situation unless you make it as a drive for dedication. An example would be a situation where you trained hard for a competition and did not win. Anyone would get angry because of that, however, if you direct that anger in yourself and force yourself to train harder and better, the next time you are in a competition you will definitely win.

Nonetheless, we all know that nothing good comes out of anger and controlling it is easier said than done. My father used to lecture me every time I get upset or mad about how you should never pass judgment, take actions or even say something while you are angry. The reason is that when you get angry, your mind is lost and almost everything that you do or say is always not meant. Every time I would listen to my father yet I never realized it until one day the anger just took over me. That memory was so intense and very vivid every time I remember it that it makes me remember why I should control my anger every time I get upset. In that day I realized how anger can take over your soul and make you do things you would never do. And what makes it really disturbing is that the reason behind me being angry was so ridiculous. I used to collect weird keychains and one day my younger brother took one of them and just threw it outside! Ridiculous right! Now why would someone snap because of that? I snapped to a point where I took a baseball bat and an axe and went after him. Yep, that bad! My father tried to stop me and I threw him like he was nothing and I was only 13 at the time! It took my father, his friend and my uncle to stop me. My father was shocked when he saw that state of mind that I was in. I was glad that they knew how to handle the situation and how they calmed me down and explained to me what I was doing. In the meantime, my brother ran away and never came back until very late at night. My father related that outburst of mine to the accumulations of anger and suppressed actions that I refrained myself from doing in a long period of time as well as the provocative act by my little brother. From that moment on, I realized that nothing good comes out from being angry and if something really gets under your nerve, then try alternative ways to disperse the anger and never let it build up inside like punching a wall, squeeze a stress ball, or be active (running, going to the gym, riding a water jetski…etc). I am still the same person with the anger issues, however, I learned how to control it and why I should control it before something really bad happened that I might regret in the future.

Numerous ways of controlling your anger that has been developed over time and proven effective. One way that I use was advised to me by my father, he told me that my grandfather used to write a letter to the person who made him upset and never say anything or do anything while he is angry. After he cools down, he would open the letter read it again and see whether to modify it and send it or just discard it. Nowadays, if someone upsets me, especially if it was a dear person, I would remain quiet and later write down all the thoughts that came across my mind while am angry and review it before after I cool down. It turns out that almost every time I write, the content does not reflect what I truly feel about that person and may have caused serious damage if it was said at the time. Adding to that valuable advice, there is a list of things that you can do to release the anger which it can be found in this link here.

Well, one can never fully control his anger and emotions easily. It takes dedication and realizing from the beginning that nothing good comes out from getting angry to make one reach that level of being able to manage his anger.