Crying Get you things… (Dilemma of having a baby)

crying baby

They say that you’ll never taste a good night sleep if you were in love. I say that is false because who ever came up with that statement is clearly never had children of his/her own. Once you you are blessed with children of your own, you will never have a goodnight sleep again. That is of course until they grow up or manage to have a night without them. Anyways, ever since I was blessed with my son Hamdan, I never had a good night sleep while he was around. If you read books about raising kids, you will realize why is that true! Children usually test the limits of their parents and the possibility to subdue them. You might say that I am exaggerating but this is true. I met with a pediatrician who has also a PhD in children psychology and confirmed that argument. He told me that you will see these parent in the mall where their kids boss them around and cry like crazy if they want something and will never shut up until they get what they want. The reason behind that is that the parents will keep on doing anything for the kid if he/she cries, which is wrong. According to the Doctor, every time the child cries out for something and the parent provides it, the child will take it as a sign and the next time he/she will require something even if it was insignificant they will cry and keep on crying until he/she gets it. Why is that, because the first times you have submitted to his demand and let the child take over control. To prevent your child to take over control, you should let him/her cry until they get tired and shut up. It may take forever the first time but eventually you’ll win and the child will realize that crying is not the tool to get you things. However, this does not mean that you ignore the child and never pay any attention especially if they start moving around. Circumstances control this kind of a measure as after all we are concerned about the health, psychological and mental growth of the children. Going back to the sleepless nights, the children will resist sleeping when bedtime is due. Usually they’ll cry and will want to sleep with you in your bed or keep on playing (usually enslave you to play with him/her). The best solution is that you keep the child in a separate room and leave them alone. They’ll cry like crazy at first but eventually will submit to sleeping every night during bed time. The problem that can interfere with this process is to have a weak or soft parent who cannot stand there and let the child go through the crying phase to the last point. This will definitely affect the effectiveness of the treatment by delaying the comprehension of the child that crying will no longer get you things. This is what I am facing with my son as my wife will never leave him sit there crying if I wasn’t around as I prevent her from interacting with him while crying. That is why I am still suffering every night and experience a full hour of agony prior to sleeping due to my son’s crying spree. It is getting better and better every day even though it is a slow progress yet it is progress. Hopefully one day my son will stop crying prior to sleeping.

A small tax to pay to be a father.