Time Management

Time Management Defined by Lifestyle


In life, there are different life styles that we can choose from. Everybody has his own preferences and taste in this life. There are of course bad and good lifestyles that we choose to base our life on which leads to bad or good outcomes as we progress through life. But how can a person define his true calling or his true lifestyle that will lead to a happy and enjoyable life? throughout my life I’ve been struggling to find out what is my lifestyle that I really want to have or what is my favorite hobby that I really like and maintain through my life!. I know that this may sound a bit unreasonable or dramatic but it’s true. I love all kinds of sports and I am almost good at all of them, from football and handball (which I played professionally for a period of time) to Karate (I obtained the black belt and played for the national team). well, I do like sports and I have a natural instinct in learning the sport quickly and play it effectively as if I’ve been playing it my whole life. However, there was always something that comes along and disrupt me from being professional in a kind of sport and that’s why I couldn’t stick to one sport. These obstacles were actually life changing decisions that would have much positive effect on my life than being a professional sportsman, such as studying to get the engineering degree, being with my family, maintaining my career…etc. Nonetheless, as I wanted to talk about lifestyle, I am trying to maintain a professional successful career as well as a healthy life style. That’s why I hit the gym about 4 days a week and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Yet, trying to be in good physique and always exercise doesn’t allow me to have much time left in my day. I love video gaming and I wish I could have extra hours during my day to play some video games. The reason why I say this is that if I try to maintain my exercising and then start playing video games, that would be unfair for my family as I have to spend some time with them as I am away for almost half of the day. You would say maybe you should select a day probably in the weekend where you satisfy the lust for playing video games. Well, I’ve tried that however, on that particular day, something happens that is more important and needs to be taken care of.

If I only have these interests in my life as I’ve stated above, probably something can be arranged to organize it and make the best outcome out of it. Nevertheless, I am a huge addict of offroad driving, road trips, car racing, adventures, camping, fishing, scuba diving, reading, and so much more. On top of that, I have major business plans that I would like to pursue in my life. Furthermore, I have came up with a plan with goals and timeline to achieve these goals that I am trying my best to following in my life. If I would start writing about the interests that I have or the goals that I have set in my life, I would write a whole book (now that I mentioned it, I might as well add that to my goals list :P). Adding to that, I have started writing a book about the manufacturing industry in UAE, yet, once I have finished the introduction, I realized that it way harder job that I have expected it to be in terms of time needed and references to be added.

So what would someone do to organize his life and enjoy the lifestyle that he wants? basically prioritizing your interests and lifestyles that you would like to have can become handy in paving the path or enjoying your life. If you would like to have your own business and earning money, that would mean that would have to sacrifice the adventurous or athletic life and vice versa. Some people would be able to juggle between them and have a little bit of all, which is difficult yet possible. If you can achieve that level, you would definitely be living the good life :).

I might have started writing this article to justify to my self why I cant juggle between all the interests that I have in my life, but I know that in order for someone to solve a problem, he first must admit there is a problem. Prioritizing my interests is the only strategy that I am currently following to enjoy my life and never have to worry about things I don’t really need in my life. Actually, the point of writing this article was incentivised the readers to write down all their interests and prioritize them. I know I am not the only one in the world to have such a dilemma and I believe if you are following the same tactic, you’ll indeed enjoy you life.

However, No matter how much you try to organize your life, there will always be obstacles and problems that were not taken into consideration that happens and changes all your plans. Nonetheless, the way you tackle these problems and obstacles to return back to your routine or lifestyle is considered a part of wisdom and life experience that will mold you into a better person with time.

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Variations of people’s understanding of Logic and common sense.

Common Sense

During the course of my studying and throughout my life, I would have never expected that I would meet totally different people with different prospective. I never realized that common sense is not necessarily understandable by all kinds of people. Ever since I was growing up, my father used to tell me how to work my mind and realize things by logic. It was natural and only required guidance when I was a kid. With time passing, I implemented the concept of logic, common sense, and critical thinking almost in every aspect of my life. It became a habit and a second nature that helped me throughout my personal life, college and later on at work. Throughout my life I have come across many people who literally can’t understand that if you tilt a bottle filled with liquid with no cap on, the liquid will start pouring on the floor. You might think am exaggerating with this simple example but trust me I am not. There are people out there that cannot realize the logic behind simple facts and the chain reaction it can produce!

Being an engineer, it is very crucial that you realize common sense. There is that engineering logic and common sense that differentiate the engineer from the doctor, lawyer or simple worker (no offence to all occupation as they are all equally important). However, if you are an engineer and you are lacking this ability, then it is safe to say that you only hold a degree of engineering but no engineering at all. The critical thinking resulted from understanding the common sense shall not be underestimated. Like I stated earlier, I used to think that all people can realize it but they don’t. Let’s take this example I had from my previous work, a pump failed due to overload (when the motor withdraws too much current) and tripped. Before I came to know about the issue, the people involved (with no disrespect intended) spent almost 2 months without figuring out the problem and just assumed that it was due to wrong assembly. They re-assembled the pump and again failed to the same problem. The third time when it happened, the problem was assigned to me to investigate. My first thought was that, if the motor was overloading, that means that the motor is requiring more power to turn the shaft which indicates that there was friction and something obstructing the movement of the shaft. This basic logical assumption led me to investigate the service of the pump and what are the possible reasons that might affect mechanical properties of the shaft after confirming that assembly was conducted properly. It turns out, that the pump was a steam condensate pump which is a high temperature operation that affects the thermal expansion of the pump components.  These pumps, and any pump in general, when subjected to higher temperatures than designed and/or was running dry will develop higher shaft diameter due to thermal expansion which will then lead to higher friction on the bearings and bushings of the pump. As a result, the motor will withdraw more current to overcome the friction and hence a trip or severe failure will occur to the pump internals. It turns out that after obtaining all necessary data, the case was as stated earlier and the operations department did operate the pump several times dry. I know this a bit technical and seems straight forward. However, the engineers (who were given the title due to experience only not a degree) did not realize that and couldn’t understand that even after explanation. I was shocked of how some people can really be stubborn and not welling to understand the logic behind anything.

Too many similar situations I have faced socially or during conduction of transactions with different people that I can’t remember at the moment. However, I hope that the example I stated prior can meet the purpose of this blog. Moreover, it is very vital to realize that not everybody understands logic and relate to it. This is the first step that you have to take in order to be able to know how to deal with people with lack of common sense understanding and try to elevate the mentality of the people around you to have the same logical mentality, common sense understanding, and critical thinking.